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The Debswana Pension Fund prides itself with a sparkling investment performance history as noted in the statistics below. Prior to the year 2004, the DPF investment strategy was based on a smoothed return process. Through this strategy, members were awarded bonuses equally across the board based on market performance and subsequent bonus declarations by the Trustees. In the 6 years up to 2003.The fund made record performances with high margins above inflation.​


The market downturn of 2002 however presented new lessons for the Fund. Near retirees were hardest hit by the -12.13% loss incurred across the board on member fund values, hence having to retire before market recovery and with sizeable reductions on their Fund credits. Following from this experience, the DPF Board of Trustees reviewed the investment strategy and in the process identified the Life Stage Investment Model as the best option forward that will help minimize investment losses on the vulnerable member groups.  Read more...

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